Are our kids future ready?

Our world is constantly evolving, faster than we can predict! There are several forces at work, including seeing an increase in automation, globalisation, and collaboration. Imagine that - what we will work on, where we will work, and how we will work are all changing. 

What work will we do?


Automation: Ever-smarter machines performing ever-more-human tasks.

Where will we work?


Globalisation: The workforce goes global and the global workforce comes to us.

How will we work?


Collaboration: Many jobs, with many employers, often at the same time.

Now, while you are contemplating the very essence of our novel way of existing, consider our education system for a second: frozen. Schools in India have been in a status quo for the past several decades. We are not preparing our kids to step into this world.

our mission is to future-proof students.

How are we solving this wicked problem?

To help students thrive in an evolving world, they have to be exposed to skills relevant to the future of work. These skills include, emotional intelligence, communication, critical thinking, financial literacy, etc.

To grow in any skill there are two important stages : Self Learning (the ABCs of a skill) and Community Practice (the real experience of working with others in a safe environment to become a practitioner). We enable students to explore and learn at their own pace via our platform and then practice the skill in their a trusted micro-community. This allows us to combine platform-led learning with a human’s intelligence and role modelling capacity.

Who is a trailblazer? What’s their role?

The Trailblazers act as our ambassadors and entrepreneurs. They are the core driving force behind us, helping us achieve our audacious mission of future-proofing all students. They work closely with our team and hustle hard along us! Learn more about their journey below.

What do we teach at SoF?

Fundamentally, we are not able to train students for “a job” in today’s ambiguous and uncertain world, which means that we have to train them in a set of skills that will be relevant across jobs and industries. We prioritise skills that are extremely transversal in nature and have universal usage in the context of their future.

Other than the nine core skills that we focus on (as seen in the image), we highlight three pillars which underscore every skill - 

  1. Community Building - We need people who are excited to work and collaborate across diverse boundaries.

  2. Self Awareness - In a chaotic, ambiguous world, the one thing we can truly master is our own selves and we need to be centred, self-aware, and confident about our values and purpose. 

  3. Practicing entrepreneurship - Considering the number of job changes and career adjustments, we need to be able to train and reinvent themselves on the go. We need students who can move from ideating to doing as quickly as possible. 

Students do a deep-dive into these skills in a month, leading up to an entrepreneurship challenge every three months utilising the skills that they have learnt. The application of these skills does not only reflect in the student’s academic life and schoolwork but in their personal lives as well. They become more confident, self-aware, driven and focused.