Students speak up!

We tested our prototype with students from Grade 8, Grade 9, and Grade 11. Here's what some of them had to say about us.

I was surprised by how much I discovered about myself while doing this [emotional intelligence] module. It is useful and important for anyone who is facing an issue at school with their friends/in their groups.
— Ayaan, Grade 11

I learnt that when you feel a certain emotion, you should react accordingly and express your reaction. For example, if someone hurt you, you should let that person know instead of keeping quiet.

Ameyaa, Grade 9


[Emotional Intelligence] matters because it tells us about a lot of emotions that we go through every day so it is important for us to learn about these emotions.

Ishita, Grade 9


Even after deciding what to do…we do not know how to get to our goal. We do not know how to input our ideas into the world. Ideas that could grow into companies, into futures, lay forgotten. What I feel this [School of Future] is about is bringing power to the creative, the thinkers, the doers, the ones who want to change the world.

Tanush, Grade 8