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What is “Entrepreneurs Academy”?

Entrepreneurs Academy is an intensive 100-day online program leading up to the 2-day School of Future’s Entrepreneurship Expo.

In 100 days, teams of school students across NCR will each conceive of an idea, prototype it, “pitch” it, and finally compete for the title of “Delhi Entrepreneur of the Year.”

If you are chosen for this program (acceptance is competitive!), you will spend about 2-3 hours per week online, working with your partner(s) on the idea and interacting with the SoF platform. If you apply by yourself, we will help you find partners.

The Academy will begin on 29 September, 2019, with a mandatory online orientation in which you learn more about the program, meet your peers, and get access to the SoF Platform. The online program runs during the next 100 days from 1 October, 2019 to 10 January, 2019. The founders of SoF will be mentoring you throughout the Academy.

Your team will compete for a first prize of Rs. 20,000 and a second prize of Rs. 10,000. Judging will be based upon several factors, including: how well your idea meets a consumer need, your prototype, your “pitch” to the Real-World Entrepreneurs and your diligence through the Academy.

All participants who successfully complete the Academy will receive a certificate of participation detailing the skills and the work that they have put in.

Why should I apply?

  1. Turn your idea (or come up with an idea) into a business in 100 days

  2. Learn entrepreneurial skills

  3. Get mentorship on the go during the 100 days

  4. Ping-pong ideas with other student entrepreneurs

  5. Pitch to successful entrepreneurs

  6. Compete for the tag of “Delhi Entrepreneur of the Year”

  7. Cash prize of Rs. 20,000 + SoF Swag

Am I eligible?

Anyone between the ages of 11 - 20 can apply! Your grades and previous experience are not of great importance to us, so long as you are a student with hunger to become an entrepreneur.

Are you interested?

Fill the form to join our community and we’ll remind you to complete your application. Please note: this is not your official application to the Entrepreneurs Academy.

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How do I apply?

Admission is competitive. In the past we have selected 10 out of 200+ applicants. Selection will be done on a rolling basis, so apply early. Applications are done through the form above.

We will accept applications until the 15th September, unless we have filled the Academy at an earlier date. We require all applicants to submit a video and a brief (100 word maximum!) description of why you would be a good fit for the Academy.

Your online application will be reviewed by the SoF Founders and Mentors. We may also contact you by Instagram, Email, Skype, or WhatsApp.


  1. September 15 — Submit your application individually or as a team.

  2. September 25 — Announcement of Results

  3. September 27 — Last day to pay for the Academy (INR 1750 after a 50% discount!)

  4. September 29 — Mandatory orientation for all the selected teams.

  5. October 1 — Emotional Intelligence: understanding yourself and others around you

    • Within the first week of EA, you will have selected your partner(s) or been assigned one.

  6. November 1 — Financial Literacy: understanding how businesses make money

  7. December 1 — Design thinking: Ideate and test out your business idea

  8. January 1 - 10 — Ten days to prepare for the Entrepreneur’s Expo

  9. January 11 - 12 — SoF Entrepreneur’s Expo

    • Engage in panels and workshops related to the world of entrepreneurship and the future

    • Demo Day on Jan 11

    • Pitch Day on Jan 12 where you pitch your idea to the jury

Note: At each stage we will eliminate students who don’t make the cut (as explained below).


What do I do as part of the Academy? >

During the Academy, you work with your partner(s) to develop an entrepreneurial idea. You are expected to learn and interact with the skills of Emotional Intelligence, Financial Literacy and Design Thinking. Every week you will get access to a tool that helps you workshop your idea.

As part of the Academy, each team will craft a short video, demonstrating and explaining their idea and pitch. These videos will be posted on our main website and elsewhere on social media. Students will find these videos invaluable for securing internships and employment.

At the expo, you will present your idea to a jury that will include founders, venture capitalists, consumers, activists, and others. Your presentation will include a short video that demonstrates your idea. The jury will select the first and second prize winning “Delhi Entrepreneur of the Year” teams.

If we feel you are not serious about the Academy, you will not be invited to the Entrepreneurs Expo. Your acceptance into the Academy does not imply that you will be invited to SoF’s Entrepreneurs Expo.

What do I get if I win? >

You win the bragging rights to be the Delhi Entrepreneur of the Year. And a shiny trophy.

Jury members may choose to invest in your idea if they believe in its potential. You will be connected to a founder mentor for ongoing coaching after the Academy to help you grow your idea further. You will win a startup day tour to some of the most innovative startups around NCR. The event will be covered by the press and media - so you have the opportunity to become famous!

The first prize winning team will share a prize of Rs 20,000. The second prize winning team will share a prize of Rs 10,000. You also get a bunch of SoF Swag.

What do I get if I don’t win a prize? >

Every student completing the Academy will have participated in a life-changing two day entrepreneurship expo after 100 days of intensive programming. All participants who successfully complete the Academy will receive a certificate of participation detailing the skills and the work that they have put in, along with a cool SoF - Entrepreneurs Academy T-shirt.

You and your partner(s) might have an idea to bring to the market through Kickstarter. Some of the founders, investors, and VCs may choose to invest in your idea if they believe in the startup’s potential. Perhaps, you will enter your idea into a larger competition abroad like the Rice Business Plan Competition.

Most importantly, you will learn about entrepreneurship the only way one can: by being an entrepreneur. During the Entrepreneur's Academy, you will also have access to expert mentorship and coaching. You can apply to be a part of School of Future Trailblazers program, if you are interested in continuing your experience as an entrepreneur. For those of you who may want to study abroad for higher studies, participation in the Entrepreneurs Academy program can strengthen your application.

You will develop a founder mindset and skills of Emotional Intelligence, Financial Literacy, and Design Thinking that will help you get further ahead in life.

How much do I have to pay? >

For the first Entrepreneurs Academy, we are offering a 50% discount. Instead of INR 3500, you only pay INR 1750.

What is the team size? >

All entrepreneurs need to build teams to be able to execute their ideas. We encourage you to find partners and apply with them. We will find partners for you in case you apply alone.

Do I need to have an idea in mind before I apply to the Academy? >

You do NOT have to choose an idea before the start of the Academy. In fact, our programming at School of Future is all about learning to understand needs of people around us, so that you can develop the best possible idea. At most, you may wish to bring an idea that interests you.

What kind of idea might I work on? >

You will choose your idea (and your partner) during the first two weeks of Entrepreneurs Academy.

A critical focus of the idea selection process is determining that your idea addresses a real need – a consumer need, a societal need, or both. We don’t want you to work on a startup idea just because you CAN. Work on an idea that the world needs and will be willing to pay for! You will have to convince us that there is a need for your idea before we approve your project.

Another important criterion is feasibility. We want you to have or quickly develop the expertise and skills necessary to complete a working prototype of the idea within the 100 days program period. Your idea must be tangible – something you can build. You will spend much of your time making, testing and refining a prototype of your idea, and demonstrating it to others.

What if I have zero experience as an entrepreneur? >

That’s pretty perfect! There’s a reason we call it the “Entrepreneur’s Academy.” We will help you become an entrepreneur as long as you put in the hard work of learning the skills, collaborating with your partner(s), and developing your idea.

Believe in yourself. We believe in you.

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In case of any query, please feel free to write to us at info@schooloffuture.in