Additional FAQs for Entrepreneurs Academy

Who will own my work?

You and your partners will be co-founders in our eyes. School of Future (Erutufos Solutions Privated Limited) will not retain any equity in your idea or any obligation to help you develop it further.

When will I get my certificate?

You will receive your certificate shortly after the end of the Academy, provided that you have completed all program requirements on time – mandatory work every week for the skills and your idea, presenting your idea to the jury at Entrepreneurs Expo, and creation of your pitch video.

Must I work with someone else?

Yes. If you have an idea that you are developing with friends, each of you should apply separately and there is no guarantee that we will accept all of you. For those who do not have partner(s), teams will be formed by the end of the first week of the Academy.

What if I don’t like my partner(s), or, my partner(s) quit halfway through the Academy?

Yes, we can expect some of these issues to arise, just as they do in real life. We have experience resolving such problems.

Can I work in a group of more than 4 people?


Is this program only open to school students?

Yes. It is open to any school student, Class 6-12.

Will there be ‘formal’ classes?

Entrepreneurs Academy is about giving you the support and resources to develop an idea without distractions. While there are no formal classes, we expect you to take the online and offline platform work, seriously.

Will I have to travel somewhere?

  • During the 100 days of the Academy - no. Everything will be online.
  • For the entrepreneur’s expo - yes.

Can I get academic credit for participating?


Can I continue working on a project that I am already working on?

Maybe. We will have to discuss it!

Do I have to sign a photo/video release to participate in the Academy?


Do I really need to learn Emotional Intelligence, Financial Literacy and Design Thinking?

Yes. If you don’t have Emotional Intelligence for yourself or others, you will either burnout or be kicked out of the company that you created. Without Financial Literacy, you will not survive as a business and you will burn money in the process. Without practicing Design Thinking, you won’t know how to solve unbounded weird problems. The SoF programming helps develop well-rounded, successful entrepreneurs.

How much time would I need?

You are expected to spend a minimum of 2 hours engaging with our online content + 1-2 hours working on your idea – but this is the bare minimum. We expect that many of you will work late into the night, especially towards the end of the Academy.

Do I have to spend time on the SoF platform?

Yes, a minimum, of 2 hours per week + updating us of progress on your idea + pitching at the expo.

I will be on vacation a week early, or will miss one day of the expo, or not be able to complete the assigned material this week. Is that okay?

No. We invest time and energy in you and we expect the same.

What will I be judged on?

Judging will be based upon several factors, including: how well your idea meets a need, your prototype, your “pitch” to the Real-World Entrepreneurs and your diligence through the Academy.