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Aditi Agrawal, founder

Aditi is an educator, who started her first NGO when she was 17 and grew it to over 500 volunteers working on more than 20 live projects. She has been working in education for 7+ years and has lived in India, Kenya, various countries of South East Asia, and Australia. She is passionate about enabling each and every child to have access to an education that allows them to thrive in tomorrow’s world. She loves travelling, food, and old buildings!

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Kelsey Root, Co-founder & Content Lead

Kelsey was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and has taught high school students for four years. She has seen the inadequacies in education and is excited to create a program that challenges students, preparing them for their future careers and enabling them to see their talents and find their personal drive. She feels it is our human responsibility to learn from every person. She is passionate about writing and is grateful for the power of music and art. 

Find out more about her story here.

Poornima subramaniam, Partner & design Lead

Poornima is a design student trying to conquer the world. Born on the sunny morning of the 12th of November, she was a clumsy little baby with big beady eyes, taking in the world. Twenty years later, she’s still as clumsy as ever. She dreams of creating magical worlds with fantastical creatures. You would probably find her playing with dogs, stuffing food down her throat or sitting with her sketchbook and earphones, belting out the classics. She considers herself to be a music aficionado, a closet dancer and an expressive artist.

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We are looking for amazing people to join us on our mission to future-proof students.

We love talking to people! Kelsey and Aditi actually met on angelList - so we definitely believe in web fairytales. If you feel you have the fire to work with us on this wicked problem - reach out.

Growth Strategist

How can we reach every student in India and reshape the way students learn? We are looking for an entrepreneurial candidate who can problem-solve and navigate through uncharted waters.


Content Designer

How can we ensure that every student on our online platform engages with content that best prepares them for the future? We are looking for a candidate to drive content design and student engagement.

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We are looking to meet like-minded people who feel strongly about the problem we are trying to solve. If you are interested, please reach out to us.

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